About Jo

Founded in 2007, Yoga Motion was established by Joanne Gordon and brings together extensive studies in Classical Yoga with 30 years experience as a Registered Nurse. She began her personal yoga journey in mid 1990's, travelling extensively throughout India completing numerous yoga and meditation retreats.

Joanne went on to obtain her Diploma of Classical Yoga as well as Postgraduate Certificates in Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal Yoga and Mums & Bubs Yoga. As a nurse she has worked in most health areas for adults and children, both nationally and internationally and has a Post Graduate Certificate in Women's Health. Joanne is a Professional member of the Continence Foundation of Australia and is a recognised pelvic floor safe exercise provider.

To further her expertise in pregnancy yoga Joanne studied to become a HypnoBirthing®/ Practitioner/Childbirth Educator as well as a Rebozo Instructor and HypnoMothering Practitioner. Joanne is the first HypnoBirthing® Mongan Method Practitioner for the Northern Territory since 2013, and values her role as an Australian Steering Committee Member.

She is the author of "A Life in Yoga- Elly Hali" published in Australian Yoga Life magazine, Issue 33, 2012. Recently, Diana Timmins published an article highlighting Joanne's yoga journey "Long Distance yoga" in Australian Yoga Journal, Issue 46, 2015.

What Students Say

"I really enjoy the gentle style and the body awareness. You begin to notice inner strength but also notice body tension melt away with the gentle stretches and relaxation" Mimi, November 2020

"I look forward to yoga with Jo, the Hatha Yoga classes are small and are tailored to suit your level of experience. I always leave a class feeling relaxed, tall and calm" Jules, December 2019
"Jo stands out with her skills and ability to cater for individual health needs. Her empathy to work with all ages is endearing. My Hatha Yoga experience in the Alice with Jo will always be remembered. Thanks for being a great yoga chic, love Annie Godde x" December 2019
"Jo has a profoundly intimate knowledge of yoga. She has much to teach and is generous with her time. Her sequences and poses allow you to flow through the class, aligning the body in bio mechanical synergy- allowing the muscles and joints to stretch and strengthen in a safe and supported balance" Jasmine Sammut (Physiotherapist), February 2017

"I enjoyed the relaxing and peaceful environment- Blissful! It was so helpful for me to learn about postnatal recovery and gain confidence to practice moves at home each day. I know my 4 month old son Arthur enjoyed the classes too. He was always smiling in each class. Thank you!" Lydia Robertson, August 2017
"Thank you so much for the retreat. The retreat helped me to become aware of the holistic nature of yoga and the bigger picture. I am grateful for the things I learned. It was enjoyable to do the practices, teachings and postures under Jo's steady guidance in the beautiful and comfortable venue, surrounded by native bush land. Thank you for taking me on this journey. the experience was a wonderful memory which I will treasure" Jenny, October 2016

"I have been a student of Jo's yoga class for four years. Jo is a sincere, skilled and knowledgeable teacher who has devoted many years into developing her wonderful, mindful practice. My advice to new students is- don't be afraid to ask questions and go deeper!"  Helen Gary, November 2016   

"If anything gets in the way of my weekly yoga session I feel incomplete. Restorative yoga recharges and calms me, so I can function until the next session. Total Bliss!" Philomena Hali, July 2015.

"My baby is ten months old and I still thoroughly enjoy Jo's classes, which we attend together. Jo is incredibly skillful at teaching the class and simultaneously engaging the babies to ensure mums get the most out of each session. In addition my daughter now has lots of playmates" Rosalind Beadle, August 2015.