Charlie, born April 2020

I started pregnancy yoga with Jo around 17 weeks up until 37 weeks (COVID-19 peak, just before classes were cancelled). I would have continued right up until labour if I had the chance. I loved the classes, Jo is bubbly & quirky and I loved the humour she bought to the class. I then started HypnoBirthing sessions at 27 weeks and fell in love! My partner even commented asking why this wasn't the norm? I loved learning about what was happening in my body and positioning of our baby girl.

For my labour, I believe the HypnoBirthing sessions and pregnancy yoga with Jo allowed me to stay cool, calm and collected and almost birthed at home (which I was very comfortable with doing) as I had no idea how far along I was and managed to breath through (with some reminders from my partner). Highly recommended!

Nakita, Luke & Charlie