Leilahni, Born August 2014

"Just wanted to say a big thank you, we had a beautiful baby girl on the 5th of August weighing in at 8 pounds. Jo, your pregnancy yoga classes were instrumental in our smooth labour, assisted by an awesome team of midwives at the hospital.

The education you provided about being active and as calm and relaxed as possible was great. I was in pre labour for 2.5 days being able to sleep and have some reprieve after an initial tense 14 hours on the 2nd of August. 

Then on the night of the 4th I had a bath and listened to some CDs and by the time I got out and we made it to the hospital I was 7 cm dilated. Five hours later we had a healthy bub and I hadn't taken any medical intervention, not even gas.

I kept remembering what you said about relaxation and movement and afterwards the midwives said I was one of the most active labours they'd seen in awhile. Jo, I recommend your pregnancy yoga classes to women I meet as I know I was rather highly strung throughout my pregnancy but looked forward to the classes as they gave me a window of how I wanted my pregnancy journey and birth to be- and it paid off. Thank you again- I think what you offer is a very special service for all women of Alice" Polly.