Rohan, Born August 2014

"The nine months before Rohan was born was such a special time as the time we have with him now. I had an uncomplicated pregnancy and was able to focus on enjoying the last period of pre- baby lifestyle and also plan for the future. 

Undertaking the HypnoBirthing® course with Jo was a valuable experience for both my partner and I. The 5 weeks of dedicated sessions allowed us to spend quality time together with the baby in mind. Jo creates a lovely environment for the process.

My partner got more out of the course than he ever expected. Prior to the course, his concept of his role as a birthing partner was unclear and he was determined not to feel like a mere spectator during the birth. Through the HypnoBirthing® course he developed a clearer idea of what to expect and what he could do to assist. At crunch time he was amazing.

The HypnoBirthing® course with Jo increased our awareness of what could arise, allowing us to be better prepared mentally and physically with the techniques shared and practised. I would recommend the HypnoBirthing® course to all pregnant mothers and their support partners" Khim.