Class Information

Australia/ NZ Premium Childbirth Education Program

  • A comprehensive natural childbirth education program that is evidence based, to inform and empower parents about birthing choices. 
  • Includes birth preferences that are flexible and supportive of the Australian Health Care Model. These are suitable for a hospital birth, birth centre or home birth.
  • Learn a wide range of natural birthing techniques for stress reduction, relaxation and mindfulness. These techniques are beneficial for the mother and baby and for her birth companion.
  • The birth companion plays an integral role in HypnoBirthing®. They will learn how to support the mother and be her advocate during labour and birth. They will also receive a set of birthing guides and prompts.
  • Promotes teamwork between the mother  and her birth companion.
  • Learn to reduce or eliminate tension and release fear associated with birth and parenting.
  • Supports the principles of an 'active birth' and covers other topics such as pregnancy nutrition and exercise.
  • Learn more about the fourth trimester such as skin-to-skin bonding and breastfeeding.  
  • Receive ongoing support right up until your birthing day.
  • Provides an optional orientation to the birthing suite at the local hospital.
  • Follow up 6 weeks post birth is preferable but also optional.
At your first session you will receive:
  • The 4th Edition HypnoBirthing® Mongan Method book and the new educational folder.
  • MP3 Australian Version with Birthing Affirmations, Rainbow Relaxation, Partner Affirmations and BONUS track: Bonding and Birth Rehearsal.

When To Start 

  • The best time to start is between 20- 30 weeks and finish by 35 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Or finish by 37 weeks at the latest.
  • However, if you are expecting twins it is best to finish by 34 weeks.

We recommend you start between 20 to 30 weeks of pregnancy giving you time to complete the 5 week course, absorb the content, practice the techniques and implement the skills into your daily life BEFORE BIRTH. 

This is so important, as you will then naturally and instinctively know how to react to stress and then when the time comes for your labour and you feel strong sensations you will be able to release the tension and work with your body RATHER than against it. Practice, practice, practice! The is no substitute, the more you practice the better prepared. 

Length of Class

  • 5 private sessions. 
  • Each session is 2.5 hours in duration.

Class Dates

  • With private sessions dates and times of the class can be flexible.
  • You can do the five sessions weekly, bi weekly or over an extended time, aiming to finish the program by 35- 37 weeks of pregnancy.
  • A weekend 'crash course' is not recommended. Read Why? 

What Mums say

"Thank you Jo, for all your support and knowledge over the last five sessions. We have found the HypnoBirthing course with you be be to invaluable. We are honored that you have been part of our baby journey and can't wait for you to meet her" Nicole & Jody, Nov 2021
"In a fairly stressful time this course gave us time to reflect on the coming birth and spend time together relaxing and being calm" Oliver & Suki, Nov 2021

"Jo Gordon is an amazing teacher. My fiance and I had a great connection with her from the start. Jo offered us and supported us with the HypnoBirthing techniques throughout this whole period in a loving, supporting and fun way. Thanks Jo!" Leonie Turenne, Oct 2021
"HypnoBirthing was so good, no matter what happens with my birth experience. I really value the relaxation and breathing techniques that I have learnt. Jo you are great!" Peta, April 2020

"The course with Jo was incredibly helpful, I feel more informed and more empowered to have a normal physiological birth. I feel it is critical preparation for a home birth. Thank you" Hillary, March 2020 

"I'm so grateful for the time with Jo, feeling closer to my baby and my partner, and so excited for the birth of our baby" Nakita Doherty, Dec 2019

"Jo's loving support and gentle education has been invaluable in the lead up to our birth. My partner and I learnt how birthing is for the family, not just the mother. We have become a wonderful team. Thankyou Jo. We are so grateful" Julia- Rose, February 2018
"The HypnoBirthing classes were extremely helpful in relieving my anxiety around a non- medicated birth. I now have many techniques to use to help me stay calm during my labour" Renee, March 2017

"The HypnoBirthing course is more than breathing and relaxation techniques. It offers information on the natural, physiological process of birth; birthing within today's medicalised birth culture" Tanya, March 2017

"We enjoyed the home practices and became familiar with the essential breathing and visualisation strategies, I would find beneficial and use during my birthing. I found the affirmations and relaxation practices particularly vital during the entire first stage of my labour" Jasmine Sammut, February 2017

"Really informative and enjoyable program. Lots of food for thought and tools to help us stay relaxed and focused. Thanks!" Cass & Guy, November 2016