Labour and Birth Research

A survey was carried out to investigate how Australian participants attending the HypnoBirthing® Mongan Method childbirth education program between 2007 and 2010, where hypnosis was used for childbirth compared to other birthing studies.

As a result the average length of both stages of labour was shorter in the HypnoBirthing® group compared to the general population figures. Caesarean section rates were lower, as was the use of gas and epidurals.

The majority of women reported feeling more confident, relaxed, less fearful, focused and more in control. They also commented on the ease and comfort of labour and birth and the satisfaction of having their partners involved and supportive.

Read the full survey here.

Post Birth and Baby Research

For years there have been anecdotal reports that children using HypnoBirthing® Mongan Method are particularly calm and content babies. This research sought to test that theory and determine whether there were any discernible differences between children whose parents used HypnoBirthing® , and those parents did not.

A short online survey was used to compare the personality traits of children born using HypnoBirthing® , with children born without HypnoBirthing®. The parents were asked to indicate how strongly their child exhibited certain characteristics and personality traits as a baby, and as an older child.

The results confirmed what many had suspected- Babies who experienced the calm of HypnoBirthing® in the womb and during their birth were more likely described as calm, content and happy as both babies and older children. The HypnoBirthed babies were also more likely to be to be good sleepers, as well as easy and alert babies.

Read the full survey here.