Aust. Steering Committee

The HypnoBirthing® Institute has appointed an experienced and professional team to lead Australia and to ensure families and practitioners have the most relevant education and support. This team is called the Australian Steering Committee.

The Australian Steering Committee supports current evidence based research to ensure that the childbirth education component of the program is updated to best suit the Australian Health Care Model.

Faculty Members

Anthea Thomas-CH.t, HBCE, HBFC.

Anthea is a Faculty Member and Regional Liaison for the HypnoBirthing® Institute.

Rona Spicer- CH.t, HBCE, MNLP, DKin, CLC, BBus, CTAA. 


Steering Committee Members

Candace Borg- BHSc (NAT), BSc (Biomed).

Amanda Bude- MW, Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant, HBCE, Cert Infant Massage Practitioner.

Trish Cumming- HBCE, Doula.

Helena Hentz- HBCE, Doula, Cert Infant Massage Instructor, HMP.

Christina Peterson- CH.t, HBCE, HBFC, Reflexologist, Maternity Reflexologist, Infant Massage Instructor.

Alecia Staines- B.A.Sc, P.G. Dip Ed, HBCE, Fertile Body Practitioner.

Joanne Gordon- Registered Nurse, PG Cert. Women's Health- Nursing, HBCE, HMP, Classical Yoga Teacher, PG Cert. Pregnancy Yoga/ Postnatal/ Mums & Bubs Yoga, Rebozo Instructor.


Jo Gordon Founder of Yoga Motion