Yoga Class Etiquette

Bookings: ALL yoga classes require bookings due to the limited space. Text Jo no later than 1 hour before the class.  

Registration: for your very first yoga class please come 10 minutes early to complete a registration form. All information is confidential and can assist the Yoga Teacher in deciding if certain yoga postures may need to be adapted to best suit you.

Class Payment: casual classes are best to be paid in cash, sorry NO eftpos. Please pay when you arrive before the class begins. Class blocks can be paid by cash or bank deposit. For bank deposit ask Jo for details at the time of your booking. Thank you!  

Health concerns: please inform Jo, the yoga teacher of any changes in your health since your previous yoga class. This may be as simple as a sore knee, tender lower back to a bruised and sprained ankle. Yoga postures may need to be adapted or alternatives given to suit your changing needs. 

Be on time: all classes will start on time so be ready on your mat for starting time. The doors will be locked soon after the class has started. Sorry for any inconvenience, as this is to show respect for fellow students already on their mats in relaxation. The doors will remain locked throughout the class for privacy and security.

Shoes: please remove foot wear and place them just outside the door.  

Belongings: please keep belongings to a minimum to allow more space around yoga mats.

Mobile phones: to be turned off before all classes begin.

Be aware of yoga mats: please do not walk on other yoga mats as you find your own. Walk around all yoga mats as they are a sacred space for yoga practice.

Be aware of others: please be mindful of others as you enter the main yoga room. Enter the room quietly. Keep talking to a minimum before a class as others may already be relaxing or meditating before the class begins.

Clothing: should be loose and comfortable to allow easy movement of the body. Yoga is practiced in bare feet so use yoga socks with a non-slip sole to keep your feet warm if needed.

Eating: it is recommended not to eat 1 to 2 hours before a yoga class. As a full abdomen will make you feel uncomfortable and tired for meditation. Traditionally, drinking water during the class is not recommended. 

Toilet breaks: during pregnancy yoga, it is Ok to go to the toilet when needed throughout the class due to the increasing demands on the pregnant body. HOWEVER, during other yoga classes please go well before or after the class, to avoid personal and class disruptions.

No comparing: Yoga is a personal practice and non-competitive. Let your focus remain with you. Simply be aware of your abilities and limitations. Yoga postures can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Alternative yoga poses may be suggested to you by the yoga teacher and yoga props may also be included to provide greater support.

Avoid straining the body: it is recommended not to push the body through borders of pain. With the practice of yoga there is 'no gain with pain' so please ease off out of a pose if it feels uncomfortable or if it does not feel right for you.